Elevating Air Cargo Logistics: Knight Aerospace and Recoil’s Aircraft Palletized Solutions


In a swift and agile response to address critical Air Force capability gaps in remote location logistics and transport, Knight Aerospace and Recoil have embarked on a groundbreaking air cargo logistics team-up, introducing two revolutionary products: “Oasis” and “HARPS” (High-Capacity Aerial Replenishment Palletized System).

The genesis of this team-up and the birth of these innovative solutions were born from the challenges of extensive downtimes during crucial missions in remote locations. Historically, missions in these areas relied on in-flight refueling or encountered logistical obstacles when transporting fuel and water, resulting in significant delays.

These challenges prompted the development of “Oasis” and “HARPS,” which not only surpass their predecessors but also boast an impressive 20-year product lifespan. This extended longevity leads to substantial cost reductions and decreased maintenance expenses. It underlines the durability and ingenuity inherent in these solutions while concurrently reducing the need for ten personnel compared to earlier versions.

What truly sets this team-up apart is its remarkable agility. From the initial concept to a production-ready solution, Knight and Recoil achieved unprecedented speed. The entire project, from start to finish, was completed in a mere six days, and both products are now ready for order placement, representing air and field-ready solutions.

These innovative tanks, referred to as the “Oasis” and “HARPS,” enable remote operations to fully capitalize on the Hub and Spoke method. With a centralized base supplying critical missions within minutes rather than hours or days, these tanks can be used sequentially to refuel remote locations. Alternatively, they can be offloaded as a single unit in just 10 minutes.

The versatility of these devices extends to their compatibility with K loader systems, ensuring seamless integration and minimal downtime. Integrated into a 463L pallet, the new U1000 tanks (Oasis & HARPS) offer a roll-on/roll-off solution that optimizes efficiency and flexibility.

Ready to revolutionize your air cargo logistics with “Oasis” and “HARPS”? Contact us today to learn more about these game-changing solutions and enhance your mission capabilities.

Elevating Air Cargo Logistics: Knight Aerospace and Recoil’s Aircraft Palletized Solutions
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