Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Agile Solutions For Take Off & Arrival Support

Knight Aerospace, an accredited producer of ground support equipment (GSE), stands as a trusted partner in expediting mission readiness for military cargo aircraft, including the C-130, C-17, and C-390. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass the design and fabrication of GSE, tailored to the exact specifications provided by our customers. We take immense pride in our dedication to crafting these products right here in the USA, ensuring the utmost quality and strict adherence to industry standards.

From ground support equipment designed for the C-130 to any other aircraft, Knight Aerospace combines its expertise and adaptability to provide swift, dependable, and customized solutions, significantly enhancing mission readiness.

Knight Aerospace Ground Support Equipment Benefits

Unparalleled Innovative GSE Solutions
(e.g. Black Knight Loader)

In-House Fabrication

Tailored Designs to
Meet Mission Requirements

Production Speed &
Supply Readiness

Support All Major OEM

Black Knight Loader

Introducing the Black Knight Loader by Knight Aerospace – a game-changing solution for simplified supply loading and unloading in challenging environments. Designed to overcome the need for forklifts and multiple personnel, this innovative GSE can be stored on an aircraft, requiring just a single palette position. What’s more, it can be operated remotely, offering increased efficiency and precision. Say goodbye to logistical complexities and hello to mission-ready simplicity with the Black Knight Loader.

– Any aircraft that utilizes a cargo handling system for a 463L size pallet.

– Military Cargo Aircraft: All C-130 platforms, C17, C-390, A-400M, C2, C27J, C295 and C5.

– Commercial Cargo Aircraft: L100, LM-100J, B737 and B747 Aircraft

– Weighs less than 5,000lbs

– Operated by one crew member via remote

– Fits in a single pallet position

– Lift greater than 20,000lbs

Lifts to unload cargo from most cargo aircraft

Capable of unloading an aircraft in under 20 minutes

Ground Support Equipment Products

Our ground support equipment is designed to meet relevant  industry standards, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and safety in every aspect of aircraft maintenance and handling. Whether you require a Build-to-print solution or prefer to provide your specifications, our manufacturing prowess covers a spectrum of processes, including cutting, machining (both mechanical and CNC), sheet metal work, and meticulous assembly.

Quick-Change Capability: The Next Generation ATGL is compatible with various military cargo aircraft, including the C17, C-130/C-130J, A-400M, C-390, KC-135, and KC-46, on either a 108- or 88-inch directional bias.

– Universal System: Cost-effective and airworthy

– Full-Service Galley and Lavatories: Enhanced sanitation, vacuum wastewater system

– Agile toilets

– Stable Palletized Platform

– Customizable Options: Cabinets, chillers, coffee makers, ETC

– Innovative Collaboration: Knight Aerospace and Collins Aerospace

– Next-Gen Technology: Cutting-edge features

– Efficient and Effective: Meets military needs

– Global Reach: Benefits armed forces worldwide

– Streamlined Design: Eliminates outdated products

– Simplified Maintenance: Easy serviceability

H.A.R.P.S. & Oasis Custom Tanker Pallets

Knight and Recoil, small aerospace firms, teamed up to create H.A.R.P.S. (High-capacity Air-transportable Replenishment Palletized System) for fuel and Oasis for water. These airworthy tanks enable rapid resource supply in remote, challenging environments for military, humanitarian, and domestic needs. This collaboration produced a market-ready product in just six days, highlighting their agility.

– Pallets can operate on any aircraft that utilizes a cargo handling system for a 463L size pallet.

– Military Cargo Aircraft: All C-130 platforms, C17, C-390, A-400M, C2, C27J, C295 and C5.

– Commercial cargo Aircraft: L100, LM-100J, B737 and B747 aircraft

– 1,000 gallon / 3,785-liter

– Rapid establishment of fuelling points in remote austere environments.

– Internal or external load transportable options

Swift aircraft onload / offload:

    • – Integrates into current aircraft cargo handling systems (88-inch or 108-inch bias)


    • – No tie downs or chains required


    • – Forklift pockets to facilitate ground handling


    • – Recoverable with partial liquid loads


– Significant personnel reduction versus current legacy bladder systems

– 20-plus year product lifespan

Customized Solutions

Unmatched precision and performance with Knight Aerospace’s customizable palletized cargo solutions. Our in-house designed and manufactured systems are trusted by global military, civilian, and aircraft OEM organizations for their cutting-edge quality and safety. Elevate your mission capabilities by tailoring these Pallet Solutions to your exact requirements, drawing from our expertise and incorporating design features from renowned aviation authorities, including USAF Engineering, FAA, Lockheed Martin, and international approval authorities. Experience the future of precision engineering in military operations.

– Pallets can operate on any aircraft that utilizes a cargo handling system for a 463L size pallet.