Knight Aerospace CEO Recognized by San Antonio Woman Magazine


Knight Aerospace President and CEO Bianca Rhodes were selected as March/April 2022 Cover Woman by San Antonio Woman Magazine. Rhodes shares her career journey and the company’s vision to transform humanity’s mission.

With the ability to treat patients in the air, “You’re doing everything you would do in a hospital, but in the air. So you’re going to improve your medical outcomes because you’re treating them so much faster. And when you take it off the aircraft, you can operate it like an ICU or remote clinic. It gives people more flexibility. It’s an instant hospital you could have in a very remote area.”


Knight Aerospace Proudly sets the global industry standard for mission-critical specialty air transportation products. The San Antonio-based OEM is the world’s leading provider of the custom quick-change roll-on/roll-off medical module, as well as palletized systems for cargo aircraft, including the C-17 and C-130. Deployed in over 30 countries, Knight’s leading-edge products and airworthy solutions transform U.S. and allied military aircraft missions and offer life-saving advantages in moments of crisis and urgency.

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