Collins Aerospace joins forces with Knight Aerospace to introduce mobile galley and lavatory for military aircraft


Knight Aerospace is thrilled to be teamed with Collins Aerospace to provide the next generation Air Transportable Galley Lavatory (ATGL), serving current and future airlift requirements.

The unit can be utilized in cargo aircraft like the C17, C-130/C-130J, A-400M, C-390 and KC-46.

“The current solutions flying today are well past their obsolescence age and finding the correct parts to fix what’s currently available is becoming increasingly difficult,” said Bianca Rhodes, President and CEO for Knight Aerospace. “The ATGL solution is not only a more practical and cost-effective solution, it’s also representative of the most technologically advanced and airworthy solutions available today.”


Air Transportable Galley Lavatory Air Transportable Galley Lavatory

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