Next Generation ATGL for Military Aircraft

When two aerospace innovation leaders collaborate, impressive things can happen.

We’re proud to be partnering with Collins Aerospace to fill an important need for military personnel aboard cargo aircraft. The Next Generation ATGL is a roll-on/roll-off air-transportable galley lavatory.  It’s highly customizable represents the most pioneering and airworthy solutions available in 2021.

The Next Generation ATGL is quick-change for all military cargo aircraft. This includes the C17, C-130/C-130J, A-400M, C-390, KC-135, and KC-46 on either a 108- or 88-inch directional bias. The universal system is first-to-market and offers a practical, cost-effective alternative to older products. What’s flying today is an outdated unit that doesn’t meet all airworthiness requirements and is difficult to service with hard-to-source parts.

Built on a Knight Aerospace customized pallet, each Next Generation ATGL comes standard with a full-service galley and two lavatories with Collins’ advanced vacuum wastewater system and Agile™ toilets. This brings high sanitation levels and eliminates the need for blue water systems. Our palletized systems provide a stable, proven platform for the Next Generation ATGL. It locks directly into the aircraft cargo handling system without needing additional tie-downs or attachment points. Customers can also choose their desired combination of cabinets, chillers/refrigerators, coffee makers, hot-pots, ovens, and microwaves.

Knight’s expertise in systems integration brings it all together seamlessly. Over time, Collins’ global maintenance, repair, and overhaul network will support the Next Generation ATGL.

With the partnership of two trusted aerospace suppliers, the Next Generation ATGL brings tremendous value for customers anywhere in the world. We’re honored to serve our armed forces, in particular.

To learn more about our ATGL, please view our ATGL Webinar.

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