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Title: Materials Control Associate

Department: Materials Control

Reports to: Materials Control Manager 

Reporting Departments/Processes: N/A 

High Integration Areas: Program Management, Production, Quality, & Planning


About the Company

Knight Aerospace exists at the exciting intersection of aerospace, military, and medical technology. Our mission is to modernize aerospace transportation to be modular, adaptable, and customizable in an ever-changing world. We have established ourselves as the industry leader in providing quality and reliable “Quick-Change/Roll-On Roll-Off” modules and pallets to enhance the functionality of various cargo aircraft. These products allow our customers to quickly adapt their aircraft to fit their current needs. For example, one of our newest products is a type of Aeromedical Bio-Containment Evacuation System (ABES), the Aeromedical Bio-containment Module (ABCM). It allows for isolated medical transport units to be installed into a cargo aircraft in 45 minutes. Especially during the era of pandemics, demand in the market has proven the value of our products and now we are looking to scale up. As we grow, we will continue to root our culture in these core values:

  • Caring: We put our hearts into all we do and into every relationship. Each employee and customer relationship is essential to the success of our business.
  • Dynamic: Passion, energy, and drive for success allow us to adapt and create innovative solutions. We balance legacy talent with curious perspectives.
  • Excellence: Because we are committed to delivering the highest quality products, we strive for the best practices and best procedures to enable the best people to make the best products.
  • Dedication: Loyalty and willingness to step up and create a dynamic work environment and united team.
  • Stewardship: We manage our resources as if they were ours personally. We are proud of our products, company, and reputation.

Position Summary:

The Materials Control Associate is responsible for, but not limited, to follow and execute all supply chain processes within the facility, including receiving, shipping, stocking, kitting, job control, return to stock, cycle counts, stock checks, packing, driving, tool crib, and any other related activities that need support from the materials control area. Company policies, procedures and values need to be followed when in the facility.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Perform the assigned job activities as per procedure and policies.
  2. Receive all goods that come in, account for them vs vendor documents and Knight Aerospace PO and once that is done, receive PO in the system.
  3. Issue packing list and parts tag and put them together with the goods for approval from quality inspector.
  4. Segregate all goods that are received, the ones to stock and the ones to a JOB, if necessary, break the standard packs according to the PO.
  5. Move all goods to the respective area (JOB control or Stocking area).
  6. Follows kitting process and keeps record of WO's LOG (hardware and raw stock).
  7. Keeps the binder of WO's or material supplied to the floor updated.
  8. Performs stock checks and bin/shelf cycle counts.
  9. Keeps control of goods shipped to vendor for outside processes.
  10. Supports the shipping process (packing, shipment preparation, schedule carrier, loading, etc.)
  11. During all material flow activities, makes sure the material traceability is maintained (PO on the parts, with a parts tag, information written on the part, etc.)
  12. Keeps the area clean and safe.

General Expectations:

  1. High sense of attendance to work.
  2. Perform activities with no instruction from a supervisor (self-oriented/self-directed).
  3. Takes the initiative to find innovative ways of solving or improving processes.
  4. Team-oriented and takes a participating role in the group.
  5. Liaison with planning, production, and quality.
  6. Reflects the Company's values in all communications and activities.
  7. Able to sit, stand, and walk for long periods of time.
  8. Ability to lift packages within approved weight and to request help when needed.
  9. Perform basic mathematical transactions and conversions.
  10. Effectively communicate orally and in written form, internally and externally.


  1. Minimum education, High School Diploma, or GED
  2. Warehouse environment experience (1-year minimum)
  3. Experience with Inventory management processes (cycle counts, physical inventory, adjustments, accuracy).
  4. Familiar using ERP/MRP or any other Inventory Control System.
  5. Familiar with Microsoft applications (Excel, Word, PowerPOint, Project, Outlook)
  6. Must have valid driver's license.
  7. Forklift driving experience is a plus.

Work Conditions:

  1. Full-time Position, Warehouse environment
  2. Knight Aerospace is located at 3606 SW 36th Street, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78226
  3. Employer-paid medical, dental, and vision
  4. Knight Aerospace is an equal opportunity employer


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