Sr. R&D Engineer

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Sr. R&D Engineer
Reports To:
Director of Engineering & Innovation
Reporting Department/ Processes
High Integration Areas:
Production, Engineering, Planning, Sales, Purchasing & Materials Control
About The Company
Knight Aerospace exists at the exciting intersection of aerospace, military, and medical technology. Our mission is to modernize aerospace transportation to be modular, adaptable, and customizable in an ever-changing world. We have established ourselves as the industry leader in providing quality and dependable “Quick-Change/Roll-On Roll-Off” modules and pallets to enhance the functionality of various cargo aircraft. These products allow our customers to quickly adapt their aircrafts to fit their current needs. For example, our newest product is an Aeromedical Biocontainment Module that allows for isolated medical transport units to be installed into a cargo aircraft in 45 min. Especially with the onset of COVID19, demand in the market has proven the value of our products and now we are looking to scale up. As we grow, we will continue to root our culture in these core values: • Caring: We put our hearts into all we do and into every relationship. Each employee and customer relationship is essential to the success of our business. • Dynamic: Passion, energy, and drive for success allow us to adapt and create innovative solutions. We balance legacy talent with curious perspectives. • Excellence: Because we are committed to delivering the highest quality products, we strive for the best practices and best procedures to enable the best people to make the best products. • Dedication: Loyalty and willingness to step up and create a dynamic work environment and united team. Stewardship: We manage our resources as if they were ours personally. We are proud of our products, company, and reputation. … and we make it fun because that’s how we roll!
Position Summary:
The R&D Engineer is responsible for researching and developing new technologies and systems to support innovation programs. A key success factor is being able to conceptualize projects at a high level, ask the right questions of the program manager and/or customers, and quickly decide when to “reinvent the wheel” and when not to. The R&D Engineer should be knowledgeable and practical when it comes to the existence of common and uncommon technologies and mechanisms in the world. Being able to leverage existing technologies into a novel system will aid the success of innovation programs. The R&D Engineer should have strong collaborative and presentation skills. The R&D Engineer should have a high aptitude to learn new engineering principles and a high recollection of advanced engineering principles to reference when needed.
Duties and Responsibilities 
  1. Research existing technologies, mechanisms, and innovation areas of interest
  2. Identify new technologies and mechanisms that could be used in a specific innovation program
  3. Support innovation programs as a technical point of contact
  4. Perform feasibility studies for new systems
  5. Participate in customer discovery sessions
  6. Document and organize user/stakeholder needs
  7. Create professional technical presentations
  8. Derive technical requirements in alignment with user/stakeholder needs
  9. Plan/strategize with the Director of Engineering and Innovation and the Product Manager
  10. Identify manufacturing solutions for design concepts and coordinate with manufacturers, internal and external
General Expectations:
  1. Strong interaction and experience with production facilities and staff
  2. Proficient with SolidWorks and Solidworks PDM, specifically large assemblies
  3. Able to self-manage/self-motivate. Independent problem solver
  4. Set and manage project schedules
  5. Customer facing – attend customer discovery sessions led by a Knight Aerospace business development or product manager
  6. Creates draft concepts quickly and iterates quickly; responds and makes changes quickly based on customer/internal feedback
  7. Technical writing/technical communication for grants and proposals
  8. Great conversational and interpersonal skills
  9. Reflects the Company’s values in all communications and activities
  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
  2. Experience with CAD and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) softwares
  3. Project management experience
  4. Understanding of GD&T
  5. Experience with manufacturing of metal structures
  6. Experience with electro-mechanical systems preferred
  7. Experience in the Aviation and/or Space industries preferred
Work Environment Requirements:
  1. Office, warehouse, and manufacturing environment
  2. International and domestic travel in support of programs, implementations, or ongoing service may be required