Advance your career with an aerospace job in San Antonio, Texas, with Knight Aerospace.

Title:  Director of Operations (this position may be VP level)

Reports to: President and CEO

Reporting Departments/Processes: Program Management, Planning, Purchasing, Production and Materials Control

High Integration Areas: Engineering, Quality, Sales

Job Type: Full-time


About the Company:

Knight Aerospace exists at the exciting intersection of aerospace, military, and medical technology. Our mission is to modernize aerospace transportation to be modular, adaptable, and customizable in an ever-changing world. We have established ourselves as the industry leader in providing quality and reliable “Quick-Change/Roll-On Roll-Off” modules and pallets to enhance the functionality of various cargo aircraft. These products allow our customers to quickly adapt their aircraft to fit their current needs. For example, our newest product is an Aeromedical Bio-containment Module that allows for isolated medical transport units to be installed into a cargo aircraft in 45 minutes. Especially with the onset of COVID-19, demand in the market has proven the value of our products and now we are looking to scale up. As we grow, we will continue to root our culture in these core values:

  • Caring: We put our hearts into all we do and into every relationship. Each employee and each customer relationship is essential to the success of our business.
  • Dynamic: Passion, energy, and drive for success allow us to adapt and create solutions. We balance legacy talent with a curious perspective.
  • Excellence: Because we are committed to delivering the highest quality products, we strive for the best practices and best procedures to enable the best people to make the best products.
  • Dedication: Loyalty and willingness to step up creates a dynamic work environment and a united team.
  • Stewardship: We manage our resources as if they were ours personally. We are proud of our products, company, and reputation.


Position Summary:

The Director of Operations is responsible for coordinating the planning, launching, and management of every product the Company produces. The products consist primarily of roll-on/roll-off palletized systems used for the transport of people and equipment in cargo aircraft throughout the world. As this is a small company, this comprehensive role will have wide responsibility for the entire process of executing its customer’s deliverables. The Director of Operations will represent the Company and its values and will ensure that the expectations of the Company’s customers are exceeded by performing the following duties:


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate each program from the point of award through the completion of production. Work closely with all relevant parties to ensure that programs perform on time and within budget.
  2. Monitor variances on a continuous basis to implement corrections.
  3. Coordinate with Sales to ensure quotes adequately reflect forecasted costs for production including materials, labor, tooling, equipment, and other specific resources required to accomplish the programs.
  4. Document all programs so that production budgets, variances, schedules, etc. are clear to all those involved.
  5. Provides recommendations for revisions or enhancements to schedules, resource allocation, and production requirements.
  6. Work with the company’s quality departments to ensure operations and personnel are in compliance with all pertinent regulatory bodies
  7. Guide and manage junior production managers. This includes developing the team to execute the Company’s goals, hiring, and directing all personnel with periodic reviews to ensure the highest caliber of personnel available.  It also includes carrying out the Company’s personnel policies so that the employees are aware of and meeting or exceeding expectations. The Director of Operations will set goals for all direct reports and develop action plans for all underperforming personnel. He/She will ensure that the entire organization is operating with the appropriate goals and plans as well.
  8. Routinely meet with, correspond with, and manage outside providers of key products or services related to the Company’s programs.
  9. Identify projects related to operations, consistent with the company’s goals and objectives and necessary to maintain the organization's competitiveness in the marketplace and to provide additional opportunities for sales growth and full utilization of the Company’s assets.
  10. Assist in delivery, training, and support programs as needed.
  11. Continuously strive for the operating efficiencies necessary to achieve the Company’s profit goals. This is to be accomplished by the efficient use of personnel, equipment, and inventories as products are designed and produced.
  12. Identify best practices in the industry and strive to introduce those to the Company’s full production processes.
  13. Research products, techniques, and methodologies that make improvements in the products or processes necessary to ensure leading-edge solutions.
  14. Present progress reports on various programs within the department, with senior management, and with customers, as needed.

General Expectations:

  1. Works effectively with other managers of the Company to promote good teamwork and a work environment that is productive and positive in order to execute the Company’s goals.
  2. Leads the department in a positive, innovative, and efficient manner.
  3. Maintains a professional appearance and conducts himself professionally at all times.
  4. Reflects the Company’s values in all communications and activities.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Management and/or Manufacturing-related field.
  2. Minimum of 10 years of production management experience.
  3. Minimum of 5 years of experience supervising production employees.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in written form, internally and externally.
  5. Computer skills using Microsoft Office Suite.
  6. Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing, Six-Sigma, and/or other production methodologies (preferred)

Work Environment Requirements:

  1. International and domestic travel in support of product designs, implementations, or ongoing service.
  2. Extensive interaction with production floor activities.

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