New Medical Module for Safe COVID-19 Patient & Vaccine Transportation

The UPM is a multi-use, multi-configurable unit to meet most medical requirements in the air and on the ground. The unit is designed on proven platforms approved by the USAF, Aircraft OEMs, and other worldwide military and civilian organizations. The unit provides the medical team with a controlled environment ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Integrated flexibility for maximum efficiency.

Familiar hospital environment for optimal patient care.

Self-enclosed modular unit with protected medical environment.

Aeromedical Bio-Containment Module (ABCM)


Protected Medical Environment

  • Negative Pressurization Protecting Medical and Flight Staff
  • Temperature Control
  • Great Lighting
  • Noise & Vibration Dampening

Adaptable For Aircraft And Patient's Needs

  • Roll-on Roll-off Design
  • Move Infectious Disease Patients or Critical Care Patients
  • Same Conditions Found In a Hospital Room
  • Transport vaccines at desired temperatures
Medical Module Interior

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If you're ready to integrate a medical module into your efforts to fight COVID-19 and other infectious diseases reach out today. We are ready to discuss how we can help you repatriate and treat patients safely.

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