Knight Aerospace Seating Pallet incorporate the latest technolgies in seating.  With the ability to provide any type of seat from all seat vendors, the pallets are designed and manufactured to our approved systems flying all over the world.

The types of seats availabe range from VIP/DV Seats to Business Class to Economy Class to Attendant Seats.  All seats are TSO Certified while incorporating life vest locations and oxygen systems.

Low occupancy Seating Pallets more sutable for VIP/DV Missions can range from Four Passengers to Eight Passengers.  Utilziing tables between seats can add additional functionality to the pallets.

High occupancy Seating Pallets for higher quantity transports can range from Ten Passengers to Twelve Passengers to Fifteen Passengers.

The Seating Pallets can be combined with Lavatory's, Galley's, Storage Closets or Medical Litters.