Knight Aerospace's Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) Systems provide all customers with a unqiue ability of providing a dual use for transport aircraft. KAPI's RORO products are the safest, high quality and durable products on the market. The systems only use aircraft grade aluminum and military specification hardware in the construction and assembly and are designed and analyzed to ensure passenger safety, comfort and maximum operational capabilities. Our systems have been approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Lockheed Martin, the US Government and foreign military organizations.

Our systems can be fully customizable or customer can utilize previous delivered assemblies. All items utilized in the Modular or Palletized Systems only use aircraft certified equipment, meaning that all seats are TSO Certified and all galley and lavatory equipment use FAA Certified equipment and systems.

Our Roll-On/Roll-Off Systems have been used or can be used in most transport aircraft. These aircraft include but not limited to: C-130, C-130J, L100, LM-100J, C17, A400M, KC-46, KC-135, KC-10, C5, C-27J, CN235, C295, KC-390, C-1, C-2, CH-47, B737, B767, A330 and other military or commercial cargo aircraft.

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